Our New Patient Program is designed to introduce patients to our Basic Weekly Program to start their weight loss journey at Medical Weight Controls. It includes the following:

1 Basic Week Program

Our Basic Weekly Weight Loss Program is designed as a continuing series to be there for you every step of the way. Click here to learn more.

1 Lipo-Den Injection

Lipo-Den is a weight loss injection formulated to help you lose pounds fast. This amazing injection allows fat to just melt off, stimulating your body to burn more fat and help you lose weight. As part of a larger weight loss plan, a lipotropic injection provides a great baseline for fat loss and weight loss. In order to experience the full effects of the Lipo-Den injection, you must also have a healthy diet and exercise regularly.

1 Bottle of Lipo BC

Helps the liver transport and remove fat from the body, as well as shrink and tighten the body.